About the firm

Pascal Consulting is a consulting company, providing business outsourcing services in Poland. It is an adviser on international cooperation, trade and marketing. 
Pascal Consulting offers accounting, marketing, human resources and legal counselling outsourcing. It also helps investors to establish their business activity and supports them in implementation of different investment projects in Poland.
Pascal Consulting creates a safe framework for foreign companies that make their first steps on the Polish market but also supports firms already doing business in Poland.

The daily management is handled by Agnieszka Wi¶niewska, a Polish entrepreneur with over 15-year hands-on experience in international business, in the area of BPO, business consulting, marketing and trade. She has participated in different international projects in Poland, Denmark, Belgium and the United States.


Ms. Wi¶niewska is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person, frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to the marketing projects. She successfully developed a marketing plan for our company, which was under amalgamation at that time. She was not only an asset to our marketing efforts...